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Administrative Building

43 Sovetskaya St.

Complex of administrative buildings

19 Okeansky Avenue (bldgs. B, B1, B2, V)

Premises for office and café

66 Krasnogo Znameni Avenue

Administrative Building

39, Aleutskaya Street

Korean college building

61a Aleutskaya St.

Administrative building and warehouses

48 Borisenko St., (bldgs A, A1, A2, B, B1, B2, V, D, E, Z)

Far Eastern State University College Building

25b, Oktyabrskaya St. (bldgs 1, 1’)

Administrative Building Aleutskaya St

65a, Aleutskaya St. (bldg. 1)

Administrative building

26 Admirala Fokina Street

Grand Villa

41 Pushkinskaya Street

Sports Center

3.a Volodarskogo Avenue

Historical Villa

37 Pushkinskaya St.

Complex of historical buildings

33a Pushkinskaya St. (bldgs A, B, V, V1, E)

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FEFU real estate auctions official website

The date of the new auction at 19 Okeansky Avenue (bldgs. B, B1, B2, V) has been announced
The period of application receipt for the Object at 43A Sovetskaya Street, Ussuriysk (Putsilovka Station) has been extended
The date of the new auction for the lot at 48 Borisenko street has been announced
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