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Auction consists of several stages:

1. Period for application and cash collateral receipt to participate in an auction

Period for application receipt opens the day after official release about the auction on the official website of the Russian Federation for auction information placement (www.torgi.gov.ru) and lasts at least 30 working days. To submit the application a participant must be accredited on the electronic market place site (details in Russian), attach all necessary documents prepared in accordance with the requirements (details in Russian) of tender documentation to an application and transfer a cash collateral (details in Russian). Sum of collateral is stated in the auction Notice.

2. Procedure for considering applications

When the period for application receipt closes the Organizer’s committee considers applications in accordance with the Terms of admission or refusal to the auction.

The Applications Review Protocol including the Committee’s decision to admit or refuse applications is published in the corresponding section of the electronic market place (www.roseltorg.ru) and on the official website www.torgi.gov.ru the day after the Protocol was signed.

3. Auction procedure

At 9:30 am (Moscow zone) on the auction day stated in the tender documentation, the auction procedure takes place. The size of a bid is determined in the Notice.
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4. Signing the sale-purchase agreement

When the Protocol on auction completion is officially released, if the auction is considered accomplished, the purchase agreement on property is sent to the winner for signature.
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