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Administrative Building

Applications receipt period till 02 April 2018

The property for sale is a separate administrative building constructed in 1995. Both heating and electricity are present in the building.

Land Plot

According to section 36 of the Land Code of the Russian Federation, the buyer of a real estate property has the right to either purchase or register a long-term lease on the adjacent land plot. Prior to the price being officially established by an authorized governmental agency, the price of the plot is determined by its cadaster price (Land Code section 36). The plot is currently under indefinite use of the Far Eastern Federal University.

Land plot characteristics


The property is located on the edges of a large rural community (Putsilovka), 90 kilometers away from Vladivostok. The neighborhood contains residential homes, a store and a small pond. The area has well developed engineering infrastructure: water supply, water disposal, heating and electricity.

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