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Office Premises in Administrative Building

Total Area

An area of 108.5 sq. m located on the ground floor;

An area with 310 sq. m located on the second floor.

Project Description

Areas intended for office use are located on the first and second floors of a four-storey administrative building located on one of the main streets of Vladivostok.

The property is well maintained. The ground floor requires a slight renovation while the second floor is ready for use.

The two lots will be sold separately.


The property is located in the Leninsky District of Vladivostok within 3 kilometers of the city’s administrative center. The location of the building is characterized by intense business activity, commercial attractiveness and a large pedestrian flow in the area.

Potential rent rates with current state of the building

Potential rent rates (VAT included): Lot #4 - 500 rubles (approx. $14.50)/sq.m/month. Lot #5 - 630 rubles (approx. $18)/sq.m/month.

Potential annual revenue: Lot #4 - 0.6 million rubles (approx. $18 000)

Lot#5 – 2.3 million rubles (approx. $68 000)

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